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Request further information directly from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including Financial Aid, Housing Options and Campus Visits.
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Sloan School of Management
study in america
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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MIT Sloan MBA Admissions
50 Memorial Drive, E52–126
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142 USA

Phone: 1-617-258-5434
Fax: 1-617-253-6405

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study in america

 Program Overview   study in america

Like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) itself, the MIT Sloan School of Management (MIT Sloan) draws its power from a paradox: it is a place for visionary pragmatists, for hands-on thinkers, and for people who dream of changing the world and have the plan and the passion to make it happen. True to MIT's motto of mens et manus ("mind and hand"), MIT Sloan is the world leader in combining theory and practical application to both enhance careers and improve the world.

MIT Sloan's reputation for strong academics combined with faculty who are dynamic thinkers and world leaders in their respective fields gives students a powerful and transformational academic experience. Utilizing a unique combination of case studies, collaborative team projects, lecture and live case discussion, intense interaction with industry leaders, and hands-on labs classes, MIT Sloan professors work to instill world-class business skills, and create leaders with real-world experience.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) from MIT Sloan is a step toward making a difference in the world, no matter what the professional focus.

MBA Program- Curriculum

MIT Sloan's MBA curriculum grew out of the conviction that, in education as in business, leadership belongs to those who reject the comfort of the status quo. Therefore, the MIT curriculum is one that is formulated on concept-based action learning and encourages freedom of choice and experimentation. After the powerful, shared experience of the first-semester core, students are free to construct a highly personalized course of study. In addition to the analytic rigor expected from MIT, the school offers a sharp focus on the demands of actual business problems, and an array of new opportunities to practice skills of leadership and to connect with the world of business practice.

While MIT offers a wide variety of courses, each one exemplifies the school's commitment to balancing innovative ideas and theories with real-world application.

First-Semester Core

Through first-semester core, students build the foundation of their MIT Sloan education. Working with a highly diverse team of five or six classmates, they gain fundamental skills through required course work in economics, accounting, managerial communication, business statistics, and organizational processes (as well as an elective in either strategic marketing or finance). And they absorb indelible lessons about teamwork.

Only one semester long, the core allows students great freedom and flexibility in pursuing their unique goals and interests throughout the rest of their time at MIT Sloan. And students enjoy the company and intellectual stimulation of their cohort - a group of roughly 60 students (made up of 10-12 teams) who take their courses together.

The First-Semester Core Requirements

Required for all MBA candidates, the MBA core curriculum consists of the following courses:

• Economic Analysis for Business Decisions
• Data, Models, and Decisions
• Financial Accounting
• Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Coaching (closely linked with the 15.280 Communications for Managers Course)
• Communication for Managers
• Organizational Processes
• Organizational Processes -Team Project
• An elective chosen by the student, either Finance Theory I or Marketing Management

Curriculum Innovations

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Track (E&I)

The new E&I track focuses on launching and developing emerging technology companies. E&I students immerse themselves in a rigorous curriculum led by distinguished faculty and thought leaders in the field. The program - consisting of four required courses and six additional electives - is highlighted by weekly dinners and access to key faculty and leaders in entrepreneurship and venture capital. E&I students receive a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in addition to the MBA degree.

Finance Track

The MBA Track in Finance consists of a set of required courses, focused electives, and extracurricular activities that will prepare MBA students for a career in finance. Enrollment for the Track in Finance is open to all first-year MBA students. Upon successful completion, students will receive a Track in Finance Certificate, issued by the school, in addition to their MBA degree. Finance Track students can select one of the following six specializations: Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering, Financial Technology, Risk Management and Sales and Trading.

Global Entrepreneurship (G-Lab)

G-Lab is a landmark program that links teams of MIT Sloan MBA students with entrepreneurs in emerging nations. The students share their knowledge, experience and research with these business owners, helping them to design market strategies, rethink practices and priorities, and devise solutions to specific challenges. Meanwhile, the students get intensive training in challenging global environments where they put to use the skills they have developed in business and global networking.

Sloan Innovation Period (SIP)

SIP provides a marked contrast to traditional classroom activities - enabling students to hear directly from faculty about cutting-edge research and to participate in intensive leadership seminars. SIP also provides a forum for students to develop general business knowledge, and they are exposed to a wide variety of speakers, presentations and events.

Sustainability Lab (S-Lab)

Utilizing a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to sustainability challenges, S-Lab is jointly taught by seven of the school's top faculty and features opportunities to work with a variety of companies as they confront environmental and social business challenges.

 Highlights   study in america

  • The programs consist of one semester core, and then three semesters of electives.
  • SIP is a one-week break in the middle of each semester when students enroll in a variety of special seminars with a focus on leadership and research.
  • E&I is a new program that provides students with thorough exposure to the many building blocks of entrepreneurial life.

 Student Profile   study in america

CLASS OF 2010 *As of June 1, 2008
# of Full-time Students: 780 (MBA/LFM/PhDCEP)
# of Applications per year: 3,896
# Accepted per year: 585
# Enrolled per year: 345
Average GMAT Score: 708
Average Age: 27.8
% Men/Women: 65%/35%
Work Experience (avg yrs): 5
Class Sizes: 345

 Distribution by Undergraduate Degrees   study in america

(Class of 2010) (in %)
Engineering 30
Business and Commerce 23
Computer Science 10
Sciences/Mathematics 7
Humanities/Arts and Social Science 30

 Location at a Glance   study in america

City Population: 101,807
Cost of Living: high
Climate Range: 20° to 90°F
Campus Setting: urban

 University at a Glance   study in america

Year Founded: 1865
Total Enrollment: 10,340
Graduate Enrollment: 6,228
Students in Residence: 60%

 University & Location   study in america

MIT is an established institution for the study of science, engineering and management. There are over 63 Nobel Laureates with an MIT affiliation, including 25 in physics, 11 in economics, and two in peace. The school enrolled its first students in 1865, and MIT Sloan began offering courses in 1914. A program offering a Master's Degree in Management was established in 1925.

MIT Sloan is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, along the banks of the Charles River. Cambridge and Boston host several world-class universities, a thriving economy and an active social scene.

Boston is one of the most historical and beautiful cities in the United States. With over 250,000 students in residence during the school year, the city has a young and vibrant culture. The city boasts beautiful parks, walkways and outdoor cafes, all accessible by the area's excellent public transportation system, as well as a host of restaurants and night-time entertainment options.

Boston is famous for the Red Sox, the Freedom Trail, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Boston Symphony and Boston Pops orchestras. MIT is close to many of New England's recreational amenities, including the beaches of Cape Cod, Maine's rocky coast, the hiking trails and ski resorts of New Hampshire and Vermont, and the spectacular fall foliage throughout New England.

 International Student Support   study in america

MIT Sloan has a highly diverse and international student population. Typically over one-third of enrolled students are international and hail from over 60 countries. MIT Sloan's relatively small student population and adventurous, supportive culture make the academic environment a true learning laboratory. It is an unparalleled academic and social environment.

MIT offers a host of clubs and activities for students, including many region- and country-specific clubs, and international trips and treks throughout the world.

 Admissions Criteria & Procedures   study in america

The MIT Sloan MBA program is a recognized management program accredited by the AACSB. Successful applicants to the school's MBA program have excellent academic records, competitive GMAT scores, demonstrated leadership abilities and noteworthy records of personal accomplishments.

Applications can only be accessed online. Prospective students must self–report their GMAT scores on the application, and they are required to take the GMAT test and designate the MIT Sloan School to receive their scores before they submit their online application. MIT Sloan accepts GRE scores in lieu of the GMAT exam.

The MIT Sloan MBA program online application is easy and must include the following: a cover letter; one-page resume, several essays, two letters of recommendations, and self-reported transcripts.

 Expenses & Financial Assistance   study in america

Annual tuition for the 2008-2009 academic year was $46,784. Additional costs for food, housing, medical insurance, books and personal expenses vary, and are estimated at $29,148 per year.

MIT works to help graduate students handle tuition and other costs by matching qualifying students with a range of financial support including loans, limited fellowships, teaching and research assistantships, and merit awards, among others. Some support is granted on the basis of financial need, and some on a combination of merit and need.

Personal Expenses Breakdown:
Food: $4,460
Personal: $2,808
Housing: $10,764
Insurance: $1,570
Transportation: $2,496
Computer: $5,000
Activities fee: $250

 Career Placement & Opportunities   study in america

MIT Sloan graduates are highly sought-after for their creativity, analytical and interpersonal skills, and team-oriented approach to problem-solving.

In addition to Career Development Office programs and resources, MIT Sloan students have access to the school's 20,000 alumni and MIT's network of over 100,000 alumni and corporate partners.

 Admissions at a Glance   study in america

Minimum GMAT: 660-760 range (middle 80%)
Minimum GPA: 3.13-3.86 range (middle 80%)
Minimum TOEFL: not required
Application Fee:
Application Deadline:
MBA Round I: October 28, 2008
MBA Round II: January 13, 2009
Dual Degree Deadlines:
LFM (Leaders for Manufacturing): December 15, 2008
HKS (Harvard Kennedy School of Government): January 13, 2009
BEP (Biomedical Enterprise Program): December 15, 2008

 Employment Profile   study in america

(Class of 2007 - timing of job offers)
# of Recruiters on Campus: 280
Graduates Employed:
Within 90 days: 97%
Within 6 months: not available
Within 1 year: not available
Average Starting Salary: science/manufacturing $102,529; consulting/strategic planning $114,891

 % of Students in Management Levels   study in america

Senior: not available
Upper Middle: not available
Middle: not available
Entry: not available

 Employment by Field   study in america

Finance 26.1
Consulting/Strategic Planning 40.6
General Management/Leadership Development Programs 6.7
Marketing/Sales 8.1
Operations/Project Management 5.7
Business Development 2.7
Other 2

 Annual Expenses (in US$)   study in america

In-State Tuition: $46,784
Out-of-State Tuition: $46,784
International Tuition: $46,784
Books & Materials: $1,800
Health Insurance: $1,570
Private: not available
Homestay: not available
Residence: not available

 International Student Profile   study in america

# students in program
% enrolled 39%

 Countries of Origin:   study in america

Over 60 countries represented

 Faculty Profile   study in america

# of Faculty: 98
% of Faculty with Doctoral Degree: (tenured) 100%

 Program Facts   study in america

Year Program Founded: 1952
Length of Program: 2 years
Degrees: MBA, MS
Program Entry: August
Study Options: international exchange

 Concentrations:   study in america

not available

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Request further information directly from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including Financial Aid, Housing Options and Campus Visits.
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