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Request further information directly from Texas A&M University–College Station, including Financial Aid, Housing Options and Campus Visits.
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Texas A&M University–College Station
Mays Business School
study in america
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Texas A&M University–College Station

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Mays Business School
PhD Program
4113 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77843-4113 USA

Phone: 1-979-845-4711
Fax: 1-979-845-6639

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study in america

 PROGRAM OVERVIEW   study in america

Mays Business School at Texas A&M University offers a PhD in business with major fields of study in accounting, finance, information and operations management, management and marketing.

The objectives of the PhD program at Mays are:
   • to provide comprehensive knowledge of the concepts and practices in functional business areas
   • develop advanced competencies for conducting quality research
   • direct the research of others
   • communicate research findings and
   • prepare candidates for the varied responsibilities of academic careers or other positions requiring research and analytical skills

   The PhD program at Mays normally consists of major and minor fields of study, plus supporting coursework. A minimum of 64 credit hours beyond the master's degree or 96 credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree are required. A typical PhD program includes 24 credit hours in the major field, 24 credit hours of dissertation research and six to 12 hours in both the minor and supporting fields.
    Following completion of coursework and before formal dissertation research begins, required departmental examinations are administered. They vary in format and length.
   A written dissertation exhibiting knowledge of the specialty area and the results of research must be submitted and defended before an advisory committee, invited faculty and other PhD students before the PhD degree is conferred. For more information, visit the school's website at

The primary objective of the doctoral program in accounting is to provide students with rigorous coursework and hands on research experience that will enable successful academic careers. The focus is primarily on empirical archival and experimental methodologies within all functional areas of accounting including taxation, financial reporting, managerial information systems and auditing.

The doctoral program in finance prepares students for academic positions at leading research universities. Specializations are offered in empirical corporate finance, empirical asset pricing and theoretical asset pricing. Rigorous coursework and research provide students with an in-depth understanding of financial economics. Students work closely with faculty members to develop independent research projects targeted toward the best academic journals of the discipline.

Information & Operations Management
The doctoral program in information and operations management is research based and specialized in Supply Chain Management. It utilizes a systems approach that stresses the interrelations of the functional business areas and the importance of effective decision making. The goal of the program is to develop professionals with a solid grounding in the underlying theory of their disciplines and refined problem-solving capabilities.

The PhD in management offers specializations in strategic management, human resources, organizational behavior and theory, and business and public policy. Specialization is optional and students may also choose to pursue a more general track.

The doctoral program in marketing offers rigorous coursework and research activities that provide an in-depth understanding of the theoretical, conceptual and managerial foundations of marketing, as well as the research methods and analytical procedures necessary for a successful academic research career.

 Selected Research Areas   study in america

  • Appraisal methods used to estimate real estate values
  • Banking and financial markets
  • Behavioral finance
  • Commercial feasibility studies of new products
  • Compensation and employees benefit plans taxation
  • Consumer judgment formation
  • Corporate finance
  • Database management
  • Discrimination law
  • Distribution strategy
  • Emerging information technologies
  • Executives and strategies
  • Federal taxation
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial marketing microstructure
  • Forecasting
  • Group processes and work group effectiveness
  • Human resource management
  • Income tax incentives
  • Information engineering analysis and design
  • International business
  • International trade regulations
  • Law and economics
  • Management information systems
  • Mathematical and multiple objective programming
  • Organizational adaptation to institutional competitive pressures
  • Planning for mergers and acquisitions
  • Pricing strategy
  • Real estate investment
  • Regional trading blocks
  • Reporting forecasted information
  • Role of cost information in security markets
  • Service and marketing quality
  • Statistics
  • Systems analysis
  • Use of computer models to analyze the impact of tax laws
  • Vectorization of algorithms and parallel processing of computer technologies


Mays Business School has set high standards for admission into its PhD in business program. Each department considers multiple criteria when choosing candidates for admission, including: performance in previous degree programs, GMAT or GRE scores, letters of recommendation, business and teaching experience, evidence of research and writing accomplishments, and personal interviews.
   Admission prerequisites include: a bachelor's degree in a field related to the area of doctoral study, competency in mathematics (at minimum through differential and integral calculus), knowledge of computers and competency in a computer language, and courses or equivalents to satisfy AACSB International's common body of knowledge.
   Additional prerequisites specific to the doctoral program in accounting include an undergraduate major in accounting and graduate coursework in micro- and macro- economic theory, financial management and statistics. Other majors may have additional prerequisites.
   All applicants must submit an application fee—$50 for US applicants and $75 for international applicants—along with a completed application, official test scores, official transcripts, a resume and three letters of recommendation. For more information about admission, visit


Texas A & M University is committed to attracting the highest caliber graduate student, and has consistently increased the amount of resources dedicated to graduate education. The University strives to improve insurance benefits for graduate assistants and increased the number and amount of fellowships. These efforts were recently enhanced through payment of resident tuition for graduate assistants involved in teaching or working in areas closely associated with their academic field of study.
This university paid tuition program is based on resident, designated and graduate tuition. Criteria: Students must be registered full time to receive a maximum of 9 credit hours eligible tuition paid for fall/spring and a maximum of 6 hours for summer. Each eligible graduate assistant must be at least 50% FTE (full time equivalent) to receive payment. Normally, all newly admitted PhD students within Mays business school receive a graduate assistantship and meet these requirements.
   Texas residents pay $213 per semester credit hour for graduate study. Out-of-state and international graduate students pay $494 per semester credit hour. Educational expenses for nine months of study vary according to personal needs and the program of study. The Financial Aid Office's estimated annual costs for new resident graduate students including tuition and fees, books, supplies, transportation, room and board and incidental and living expenses are approximately $20,081 per year. The estimated costs for new nonresident and international students are approximately $25,937 per year. Total expenses for returning students during an academic year should be slightly less than those for new students.
   Financial aid is available in the form of University Paid Tuition Program, scholarships, fellowships, and teaching or research assistantships, which also waive out-of-state tuition for non-Texas residents.

 UNIVERSITY AND LOCATION   study in america

Texas A&M University is a land-grant, sea-grant and space-grant institution located in College Station, Texas. The university is centrally located, approximately equidistant from three of the 10 largest cities in the United States (Houston, Dallas and San Antonio) and the state capital (Austin).
   Texas A&M is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities and is ranked in the top 20 nationwide in total research expenditures.
   Texas A&M University library holdings include more than 3.93 million volumes, and approximately 46,000 serial titles. Through the OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. national database, library users have access to more than 58 million bibliographic records in 53,458 libraries in more than 96 countries.


The International Student Association (ISA) promotes cultural exchange between international and US students who attend Texas A&M. ISA supports cultural diversity and global awareness within the Texas A&M community. Information for international students is available through the university's website:

 Highlights   study in america

  • Major fields of study in accounting, finance, information and operations management, management and marketing
  • Program open to students with bachelor's or master's degrees
  • Accredited by AACSB International

 Admissions at a Glance   study in america

Minimum GMAT: n/a
Minimum GPA: 3.25 (master's), 3.00 (bachelor's)
Minimum TOEFL (pbt): 600
Minimum TOEFL (cbt): 250
Application Fee: $50 (dom), $75 (int'l)
Application Deadline:
Dec. 10 priority review and accepted year round (fall only)
Int'l: Dec. 10 priority review and accepted year round Feb. 1 (fall only)

 Annual Expenses (in US$)   study in america

In State: $213/credit hr
Out-of-State: $494/credit hr
Int'l Students: $494/credit hr
Books & Supplies: cost varies
Health Insurance: cost varies
Residences: Varies
Homestay: Varies
Private: Varies

 Student Profile   study in america

# of Full-time Students: 73
# of Part-time Students: n/a
# of Applications per year: 257
# Accepted per year: 34
# Enrolled per year: 20
Average GMAT Score: 691
Average Age:
% Men/Women: 67%/33%
Work Experience (avg yrs): 5

 Faculty Profile   study in america

# of Faculty: 155
% Faculty with Doctoral Degree: 87%
Annual Research Funding: $1 million

 Location at a Glance   study in america

City Population: 133,550
Cost of Living: medium
Climate Range: 39° to 95°F
Campus Setting: suburban

 University at a Glance   study in america

Year School Founded: 1876
Total Enrollment: 46,542
Graduate Enrollment: 8,680
Students in Residence: 11,000

 FACULTY   study in america

  • Abelson, M. PhD, Pennsylvania State
  • Ahmed, A. PhD, Rochester
  • Anderson, E.E, PhD, Cornell
  • Arreola-Risa, A. PhD, Stanford
  • Back, K.B. PhD, Kentucky
  • Barrick, M.R. PhD, Akron
  • Barry, E. PhD, Carnegie Mellon
  • Benjamin, J.J. DBA, Indiana
  • Berry, L. PhD, Arizona State
  • Bierman, L. JD, Pennsylvania
  • Blackwell, D. PhD, Tennessee
  • Boehmer, E. PhD, Georgia
  • Boswell, W. PhD, Cornell
  • Bravenec, L.L. LLM, New York
  • Buffa, F.P. PhD, Louisiana State
  • Busch, P.S. PhD, Pennsylvania State
  • Chava, S. PhD, Cornell
  • Chen, A. PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Choobineh, J. PhD, Arizona
  • Conant, J.S. PhD, Arizona State
  • Coombs, J.E. PhD, Temple
  • Cooper, S.K. PhD, Texas at Austin
  • Eden, L. PhD, Dalhousie
  • Fields, P. PhD, South Carolina
  • Flagg, J.C. PhD, Texas A&M
  • Flores, B.E. PhD, Houston
  • Fowler, G. PhD, Texas A&M
  • Fraser, D.R. PhD, Arizona
  • Futrell, C.M. PhD, Arkansas
  • Gallmeyer, M.F. PhD, Pennsylvania
  • Galpin, N. PhD, Indiana
  • Geismar, N. PhD Texas at Dallas
  • Gilbert, B.A. PhD, Indiana University
  • Giroux, G.A. DBA, Texas Tech
  • Gresham, L.G. PhD, South Carolina
  • Griffin, R.W. PhD, Houston
  • Grossman, S.D. PhD, Tufts
  • Groth, J.C. PhD, Purdue
  • Haney, Jr., R.L. DBA, Indiana
  • Haws, K. PhD, South Carolina
  • Haynes, K.T, PhD, Arizona State
  • Heim, G. PhD, Minnesota
  • Hellriegel, D. PhD, Washington–Seattle
  • Hise, R.T. DBA, Maryland
  • Hitt, M.A. PhD, Colorado
  • Ireland, R.D. PhD, Texas Tech
  • Jain, S. PhD, Arizona
  • Janakiraman, R. PhD, Southern California
  • Jasperson, J. PhD, Florida State
  • Jones, G.R. PhD, Lancaster
  • Johnson, S.A. PhD, Louisiana State
  • Ketzenberg, M. PhD, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Kinney, M.R. PhD, Arizona
  • Kirkman, B.L. PhD, North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Kolari, J.W. DBA, Arizona State
  • Koufteros, X. PhD, Toledo
  • Kratchman, S.H. PhD, Pennsylvania State
  • Lassila, D.R. PhD, Minnesota
  • Lee, D.S. PhD, Oregon
  • Leigh, J.H. PhD, Michigan
  • Li, Y. PhD, Michigan
  • Loudder, M.L. PhD, Arizona State
  • Love, A. PhD, California-Berkeley
  • Mahajan, A. PhD, Georgia State
  • McAnally, M.L. PhD, Stanford
  • McDaniel, S.W. PhD, Arkansas
  • McGowan, A.L. PhD, North Texas
  • McGuire, S. PhD, Georgia
  • Ndofor, H.A. PhD, Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • Nixon, C.J. PhD, Texas A&M
  • Oliva, R. MIT
  • Omer, T. PhD, Iowa
  • Paetzold, R.L. JD, Nebraska
  • Peng, X. PhD, Minnesota
  • Petkova, R.G. PhD, Rochester
  • Porter, C.O.L.H. PhD, Michigan State
  • Pride, W.M. PhD, Louisiana State
  • Pustay, M.W. PhD, Yale
  • Robinson, Jr., E.P. PhD, Texas at Austin
  • Schijiven, M. PhD, Tilburg
  • Sen, A. PhD, Pennsylvania State
  • Sen, R. PhD, Illinois
  • Shankar, V. PhD, Northwestern
  • Sharp, N. PhD, Texas
  • Shearon, W. DBA, Virginia
  • Shelley, M. PhD, Texas at Austin
  • Shetty, B. PhD, Southern Methodist
  • Shipp, A.J. PhD, North Carolina–Chapel Hill
  • Sirmon, D.G. PhD, Arizona State
  • Smith, L.M. DBA, Louisiana Tech
  • Sorescu, A. PhD, Houston
  • Sorescu, S. PhD, Florida
  • Stein, W.E. PhD, North Carolina
  • Strawser, J.R. PhD, Texas A&M
  • Strawser, R.H. DBA, Maryland
  • Swanson, E.P. PhD, Wisconsin
  • Szymanski, D.M. PhD, Wisconsin–Madison
  • Tihanyi, L. PhD, Indiana
  • Tretter, M.J. PhD, Wisconsin
  • Tse, S. PhD, California-Berkeley
  • Umphress, E.E. PhD, Tulane
  • Varadarajan, P.R. PhD, Massachusetts
  • Wang, D. PhD, Missouri-Columbia
  • Weaver, C. PhD, Arizona
  • Wesson, M. PhD, Michigan State
  • Whitten, D. PhD, Louisiana Tech
  • Wichern, D.W. PhD, Wisconsin
  • Wilkins, M.S. PhD, Arizona
  • Winterich, K.P. PhD, Pittsburgh
  • Wolfe, C.J. DBA, Kent State
  • Woodman, R.W. PhD, Purdue
  • Yadav, M. PhD, Virginia Tech
  • Zardkoohi, A. PhD, Virginia Tech
  • Zimmerman, R.D. PhD Iowa

 Program Facts   study in america

Length of Program:
Year Program Founded:
Program Entry:
Study Options:

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