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Request further information directly from Pace University, including Financial Aid, Housing Options and Campus Visits.
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Pace University
Doctor of Professional Studies Program
study in america
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Pace University

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Contact Information:
Dr. John P. Dory, Director
Doctoral Program in Business
Lubin School of Business, Pace University
163 William Street, Sixteenth Floor
New York, New York 10038-1598 USA

Phone: 1-212-618-6660
Fax: 1-212-618-6669

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study in america

 PROGRAM OVERVIEW   study in america

The Doctor of Professional Studies (DPS) Program in Business at Pace University is an executive doctorate that enhances the career options of successful business executives and professionals. For over 35 years, graduates have achieved leadership positions in business organizations, provided advice as consultants on general and specialized issues to institutions around the world, and succeeded as faculty members who teach and research contemporary business issues. The program attracts:
• Managers who wish to combine their business experience with high intellectual capacity and curiosity;
• Practitioners who need to creatively confront business challenges;
• Professionals who seek a broad understanding of business environments;
• Individuals who want advanced education on a part-time basis; and
• People who wish to share their business insights and expertise by teaching and publishing in a university environment.

The program equips graduates with the conceptual insights, analytical skills, research methods, and innovative perspectives needed to anticipate, understand situations and affect change in business as practitioners, consultants or scholars. Candidates acquire breadth and depth of knowledge applicable to contemporary business issues, while applying the research process to tackle emerging business problems in new ways.

Program Mission
As an executive doctorate in business, the DPS program maintains high academic standards and focuses on theory and research that is valuable to practitioners. Over 40% of DPS graduates obtain full-time positions in colleges and universities.

The DPS program enables successful business managers and professionals to expand, conceptualize, generalize and communicate their expertise so that they can be effective in senior line or staff managerial positions, consulting engagements, or faculty assignments in teaching-oriented business schools.

Program Curriculum
Doctoral candidates complete 19 courses (57 credits) of advanced graduate study that build on a master of business administration (MBA) or similar degree. The curriculum has four distinct, but integrated, components that proceed concurrently throughout the program.

The first component explores the broad conceptual foundations of business and management, integrates the disciplines of business, and examines current conceptual and theoretical issues (four courses).

The second component establishes a thorough understanding of the theoretical and empirical issues in two of the following concentrations: international economics, finance, international business, management and marketing (four courses each).

The third component develops business research skills to systematically identify and analyze complex problems using appropriate quantitative and qualitative methodologies (three courses).

The fourth component, consisting of four courses, guides candidates through the preparation and defense of a dissertation.

Educational Delivery and Schedule
Innovative design and convenient scheduling enable business managers and professionals to continue their careers while completing the DPS program with limited intrusion on their normal work schedules. Doctoral seminars meet monthly on campus, while candidates participate continuously and asynchronously on the Internet with user-friendly courseware. Weekly reading and writing assignments drive the rhythm and progress of these seminars.

Candidates can complete the program in four years of part-time study. During the first three years, they come to campus for an all-day "Executive Friday" once each month from September through July. In addition, candidates attend class one evening per week from September through early May. During the fourth year, they meet individually with members of their dissertation committees at mutually convenient times and intervals.

Candidates begin the program in September and complete most of the doctoral seminars together as a learning cohort that also becomes a support group and professional network. Seminars designed to support the development of research skills and dissertation topics begin in the first semester and continue throughout the program.

 Selected Research Areas   study in america

  • Change Management
  • Consumer and organization buying behavior
  • Corporate governance and regulation
  • Country risk assessment
  • E-business development
  • Econometric modeling
  • Economics of financial institutions
  • Emerging and established financial markets
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial analysis for investments
  • Financial derivatives
  • Financial modeling
  • Financial portfolio management
  • Fixed income analysis
  • Human resources management
  • Industry competitor analysis
  • International economics
  • International finance and trade
  • International human resources management
  • International management
  • International marketing
  • Managing innovation and technology
  • Marketing research
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings
  • Mutual fund rating and analysis
  • New product planning and development
  • Option pricing and analysis
  • Organization learning and adaptation
  • Organization theory and development
  • Organizational behavior and performance
  • Product planning and marketing
  • Promotion and advertising campaigns
  • Quality assurance and management
  • Relationship marketing
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Sports and celebrity marketing
  • Strategic alliances
  • Strategic planning systems
  • Strategies for sustainable competitive advantage
  • Strategies for corporate diversification
  • Strategies for global organizations
  • Strategy execution and implementation
  • Supply chain management
  • Technology and innovation management


The DPS program at Pace seeks applicants who have significant career achievement and potential, in addition to academic performance and promise. The program only accepts applicants who have completed more than 10 years of managerial or professional experience, and earned an MBA or similar master's degree from an accredited institution. Applicants must present the following credentials:
• Completed application form accompanied by the application fee;
• Essays that explore preparation and motivation for doctoral work;
• Official transcripts sent by all prior colleges and universities attended;
• Official GMAT scores (optional) sent by Graduate Management Admissions Council;
• Four recommendations from teachers, supervisors, advisors or associates;
• Professional resume describing career path and professional accomplishments; and
• Personal interview with members of the doctoral faculty and staff.

The doctoral admission committee considers academic and professional qualifications to be equally important in assessing applications. The committee prefers applicants with high performance on academic transcripts, in addition to strong records of managerial and professional accomplishments, advancement, authority and responsibility.


Tuition for the academic year 2008-09 is $925 per credit. Most candidates attend part time by registering for 18 credits in each of the first two years, 15 credits in the third year, and 6 credits in the fourth (final) year.

Qualified full-time doctoral candidates may receive financial aid in the form of a limited number of research assistantships. US citizens may also qualify for student loans. Since most Pace doctoral candidates concurrently pursue full-time careers and doctorates. Pace University does not offer fellowships, scholarships or living stipends.

 UNIVERSITY AND LOCATION   study in america

Pace University was founded in 1906 by Homer and Charles Pace as the Pace School of Accountancy. It became a four-year college in 1956 and began offering graduate degrees in business in 1965. It attained university status in 1972 with the commencement of the DPS program. The site for this program is the New York City campus, located in the lower Manhattan financial district and civic complex. City Hall, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street and the World Financial Center are a short walk away.

Pace is a comprehensive university with a large, diverse faculty and student body. Pace has over 100,000 alumni, including 164 DPS graduates. In addition to the Lubin School of Business, Pace academic units are the Dyson School of the Arts and Sciences, Lienhard School of Nursing, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, School of Education and School of Law. Pace is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The Lubin School of Business is accredited by AACSB International–The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.


International applicants who have not previously earned a degree at an English-language university must present evidence of English proficiency in the form of an official TOEFL score.

The Office of International Students and Scholars provides many services for international students. These include assistance with immigration, answers to visa questions, information about adjustment issues, alternatives for health insurance, and advice about taxes and other concerns. It also organizes holiday hosting and cultural and social activities on and off campus. This office conducts an extensive international student orientation at the beginning of each semester.

 Highlights   study in america

  • Expands career options for successful business managers and professionals
  • Facilitates securing managerial advancement, consulting engagements and faculty positions
  • Supports part-time study and rapid completion with limited travel to campus
  • Emphasizes conceptual knowledge, and research methods valuable to both practitioners and academics
  • Accredited by AACSB International

 Admissions at a Glance   study in america

Minimum GMAT: no minimum
Minimum GPA: no minimum
Minimum TOEFL (pbt): 600
Minimum TOEFL (cbt): 250
Application Fee: $75
Application Deadline:
June 1 (for Aug entry)

 Annual Expenses (in US$)   study in america


In State: $925/credit
Out-of-State: $925/credit
Int'l Students: $925/credit
Books & Supplies: $300/course
Health Insurance: $575 (dom), $580(int'l)
Residences: n/a
Homestay: n/a
Private: $1,500+/mth

 Student Profile   study in america

# of Full-time Students: 4
# of Part-time Students: 71
# of Applications per year: 38 - 54
# Accepted per year: 17 - 22
# Enrolled per year: 13 - 18
Average GMAT Score: -
Average Age: 42
% Men/Women: 75%/25%
Work Experience (avg yrs): 18

 Faculty Profile   study in america

# of Faculty: 48
% Faculty with Doctoral Degree: 100%
Annual Research Funding: $3 million

 Location at a Glance   study in america

City Population: 8,274,527
Cost of Living: high
Climate Range: 25° to 85°F
Campus Setting: urban

 University at a Glance   study in america

Year School Founded: 1906
Total Enrollment: 12,912
Graduate Enrollment: 7,716
Students in Residence: n/a

 FACULTY   study in america

  • Anakwe, U. PhD, Drexel
  • Baugher, D.M. PhD, Rutgers
  • Berger, K.A. PhD, New York
  • Bhat, V. PhD, Yale
  • Bucar, B. PhD, Case Western
  • Byrne, J.C. PhD, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Cardon, M. PhD, Columbia
  • Carter, J.C. PhD, Columbia
  • Chan, K.C. PhD, South Carolina
  • Chiagouris, L. PhD, CUNY
  • Chung, K.H. PhD, CUNY
  • Dory, J.P. DBA, Harvard
  • Eisner, A.B. PhD, New York
  • EI-Gazzar, S.M. PhD, CUNY
  • Gershun, N. PhD, Columbia
  • Gertner, D. PhD, Northwestern
  • Goldman, E. PhD, Rutgers
  • Gopalakrishna, P. PhD, North Texas
  • Gottesman, A.A. PhD, York
  • Gould, J.S. PhD, Cornell
  • Green, C.G. PhD, Virginia Polytechnic
  • Hwang, H.A. PhD, California - Los Angeles
  • Isaak, R.A. PhD, New York
  • Ismailescu, I. PhD, Massachusetts
  • Jacob, R.A. PhD, New York
  • Kadiyala, P. PhD, Ohio State
  • Keegan, W.J. DBA, Harvard
  • Kessler, E.H. PhD, Rutgers
  • Kuei, C.H. PhD, CUNY
  • Lala, V. PhD, Oklahoma
  • Lee, J.Y. PhD, Louisiana
  • Lee, P. PhD, Rutgers
  • Long, M.M. PhD, CUNY
  • Madu, C.N. PhD, CUNY
  • Morey, M.R. PhD, California-Irvine
  • Nam, J. PhD, Georgia State
  • Priluck, R.L. PhD, Drexel
  • Rahman, N. PhD, CCNY
  • Ray, I. PhD, Connecticut
  • Salerno, J.T. PhD, Rutgers
  • Sandler, D.M. PhD, New York
  • Sen, K. PhD, Rutgers
  • Szenberg, M. PhD, CUNY
  • Tang, C.Y. PhD, CUNY
  • Tarique, I. PhD, New York
  • Topol, M.T. PhD, CUNY
  • Vambery, R.G. PhD, Columbia
  • Viswanath, P.V. PhD, Chicago
  • Webster, T.J. PhD, CUNY
  • Wilson, B.K. PhD, New York

 Program Facts   study in america

Length of Program: 4 yrs
Year Program Founded: 1972
Program Entry: Aug
Study Options: part-time, full-time

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Request further information directly from Pace University, including Financial Aid, Housing Options and Campus Visits.
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