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Request further information directly from University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, including Financial Aid, Housing Options and Campus Visits.
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University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
PhD in Business Administration, Finance and Accountancy
study in america
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University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign

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College of Business
350 Wohlers Hall, 1206 South Sixth Street
Champaign, Illinois 61820 USA

Phone: 1-217-333-4240
Fax: 1-217-244-7969

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study in america

 PROGRAM OVERVIEW   study in america

The College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers a doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree program in business administration, finance and accountancy. Recognized for its achievements in teaching, research and public service, UIUC has earned a reputation of international stature in these fields.

Business Administration
The Business Administration Doctoral Program features seven areas of concentration: management science, information systems, international business, marketing, process management, organizational behavior and strategic management.
   Management science combines mathematical modeling and microeconomic reasoning in the pursuit of solutions to a variety of business problems.
   In the information systems concentration, students develop the ability to solve business and industrial information problems through rigorous research.
   Marketing students are introduced to the entire spectrum of marketing thought, enabling them to conduct research in any area of choice.
   Students in process management investigate how organizations can design, improve and execute numerous business processes. Research may focus on tactical concerns or strategic issues.
   Organizational behavior students examine topics related to worker motivation and morale, reward systems, leadership and organizational relationships.
   The concentration in strategic management explores the fundamentals of organizational intent, competitive and technological strategy, entrepreneurship and performance, and focuses on integration across the various business disciplines.
   International Business is offered as a minor that focuses on global issues involving business subjects.

The Finance Doctoral Program allows students to concentrate in asset pricing and investments, corporate finance, financial risk management, banking and financial institutions, insurance or real estate. It is intended to prepare students for careers at highly ranked universities in the US or elsewhere. Some graduating students also pursue careers in the financial services industry or consulting.
   The first two years of the program consist of coursework and seminars on probability and statistics, economics, econometrics, finance theory and empirical research in finance. This background provides students with the tools needed to conduct research in financial economics. Students ordinarily complete coursework and take a comprehensive exam by the end of the second year.
   Students are encouraged to begin research as early as possible in the program and all begin no later than the second year. The third and fourth years are primarily devoted to dissertation research. Students also typically gain teaching experience by teaching during the third or fourth year.

The Accountancy Doctoral Program prepares students for entry into the accountancy professoriate. The Department of Accountancy has a long tradition of excellence in graduate education, awarding its first PhD degree in 1939. Illinois doctoral accountancy graduates are on the faculty of leading academic institutions throughout the US and world. The Accountancy Doctoral Program promotes close working relationships between its professors and doctoral students.
   An interdisciplinary approach allows accountancy doctoral students to develop research skills through courses in disciplines such as economics, finance, business administration, psychology and statistics. Accountancy doctoral students can focus their dissertation research on any major accounting area: auditing, financial, managerial or taxation. Depending upon the research issue of interest, interdisciplinary training allows students to apply different research approaches such as analytic modeling, analysis of archival data, field studies and behavioral experimentation.
   At appropriate stages throughout each doctoral student's tenure in the program, the department provides a variety of appointments, including teaching and research assistantships, and research grants. These appointments and grants provide stipends to meet students' living expenses, as well as tuition waivers. For more information visit:

 Selected Research Areas   study in america

  • Agricultural finance
  • Application of financial theory to property-liability insurance
  • Asset pricing
  • Auditing
  • Bond finance
  • CEO compensation
  • Contract theory
  • Corporate finance
  • Database marketing
  • Developing economics
  • Econometric models
  • Economic effects of gambling
  • Effects of paternalism on 19th-century US agriculture
  • Financial derivatives and risk management
  • Financial institutions
  • Financial pricing models
  • Financing emerging business
  • Fixed-income securities
  • Game theory
  • Global competitive strategy
  • Health care policy
  • Human capital acquisition
  • Human learning, judgement and decision-making
  • Impact fees
  • Industrial organization
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Labor economics
  • Logistics, scheduling and product/process design
  • Long-term contracts
  • Management incentives
  • Mathematical economics
  • Organization design for global operations
  • Payment systems
  • Portfolio management
  • Privatization in Latin America
  • Property taxation
  • Public choice
  • Public economics
  • Real estate valuation
  • Sales promotion
  • Statistics
  • Tax evasion
  • Taxation
  • Taxpayer compliance
  • Third World urbanization


Students entering the PhD program must demonstrate a basic level of proficiency in statistics and some breadth in business-related disciplines such as microeconomics, behavioral sciences, accounting, finance, marketing and strategy. This proficiency requirement may be satisfied by prior coursework, relevant work experience or the completion of additional courses.
   Admission is based on a variety of criteria, including previous academic accomplishments, educational goals, letters of recommendation and demonstrated success in research.
   The Graduate College at the University of Illinois has established a minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a scale of four) for admission. An acceptable GMAT score is also required. Successful applicants usually score in the ninetieth percentile or higher.
   All international students are required to submit acceptable scores from the TOEFL if their native language is not English. Graduate applicants are exempt only if they have completed at least two years of full-time study at a university or college where English is the language of instruction. These two years of study must have been completed within five years of the proposed date of enrollment at the University of Illinois. For international students, financial assistance is contingent upon the student being certified to teach by passing either the TOEFL.iBT or SPEAK test.
   Applications are considered for fall semester admissions only. The application deadline for the business administration and finance programs is February 1 and January 15 for the accountancy program. Applicants who wish to be considered for financial assistance should submit applications by mid-January.


Tuition charges for Illinois residents are $8,878 per year and $21,718 per year for out-of-state and international students. Other annual expenses include an estimated $1,000 for books and supplies, and $877 for fees, including health insurance. On-campus room and board is available at a cost of about $1,200 per month. Private accommodation averages $1,500 per month, including meals.
   Assistantships, which include waivers of tuition and most service fees, are usually included with offers of admission. Some exceptional candidates may be offered additional awards. The letter of acceptance sent to admitted students specifies the nature of the assistantship and/or fellowship.

 UNIVERSITY AND LOCATION   study in america

Located in the twin cities of Urbana and Champaign, Illinois, the University of Illinois is the state's premiere public university. The University of Illinois provides undergraduate and graduate education in more than 150 fields of study through Colleges of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences; Applied Life Studies; Business; Communications; Education; Engineering; Fine and Applied Arts; Law; Liberal Arts and Sciences; Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. Other academic units are devoted to aviation, labor and industrial relations, social work, library and information sciences, and graduate studies.
   Situated about 140 miles south of Chicago, Urbana and Champaign are considered two of the hottest high-tech cities in the world. Residents of the twin cities support theaters, art galleries, a performing arts center and six museums.


The Office of International Student and Scholar Affairs (ISSS) provides international students with an orientation to the campus and community, and advising services on academic issues, immigration law, income tax and English language programs. The office also provides cross-cultural opportunities such as the cosmopolitan club and student organizations. For more information, see the ISSS website at

 Highlights   study in america

  • Choice of area of concentrations
  • Assistantships and/or fellowships for all admitted students
  • Third largest academic library in the US
  • Accredited by AACSB International

 Admissions at a Glance   study in america

Minimum GMAT: no set minimum
Minimum GPA: 3.0
Minimum TOEFL (pbt): 610
Minimum TOEFL (cbt): 253
Application Fee: $60 (dom), $75 (int'l)
Application Deadline:
Bus Admin: 1st Monday in Feb;
Finance: Feb 1;
Acct: Jan 15

 Annual Expenses (in US$)   study in america

In State: $8,878–13,384
Out-of-State: $21,718–22,584
Int'l Students: $21,718–22,584
Books & Supplies:
Health Insurance:
Residences: $3,904–4,490/sem
Homestay: $435–643/mth
Private: $1,500/mth

 Student Profile   study in america

# of Full-time Students: 50
# of Part-time Students: 0
# of Applications per year: 210
# Accepted per year: 17
# Enrolled per year: 12
Average GMAT Score: 680
Average Age: 28
% Men/Women: 58%/42%
Work Experience (avg yrs): 8

 Faculty Profile   study in america

# of Faculty: 94
% Faculty with Doctoral Degree: 100%
Annual Research Funding: $1.6 million

 Location at a Glance   study in america

City Population: 100,000
Cost of Living: medium
Climate Range: 18° to 85°F
Campus Setting: urban

 University at a Glance   study in america

Year School Founded: 1867
Total Enrollment: 41,938
Graduate Enrollment: 11,029
Students in Residence: 46,291

 FACULTY   study in america

  • Abdel-khalik, R. PhD, Illinois
  • Agarwal, R. PhD, SUNY–Buffalo
  • Aguilera, R. PhD, Harvard
  • Bechwati, N. PhD, Boston
  • Beck, P.J. PhD, Texas at Austin
  • Becker, B. PhD, Chicago
  • Blair, C.E. PhD, Carnegie Mellon
  • Bol, J. PhD, IESE
  • Broschak, J. PhD, Texas at Austin
  • Brown, C.E. PhD, Florida
  • Brown, J. PhD, MIT
  • Campello, M. PhD, Illinois
  • Cannaday, R.E. PhD, South Carolina
  • Chan, L.K.C. PhD, Rochester
  • Chandler, J.S. PhD, Ohio State
  • Chen, C., Southern California
  • Cheng, J.L. PhD, Michigan
  • Chhajed, D. PhD, Purdue
  • Cohen, S.I. PhD, Northwestern
  • D'Arcy, S.P. PhD, Illinois
  • Deuskar, P. PhD, New York University
  • Doogar, R. PhD, Penn. State
  • Elliott, B. PhD, Washington
  • Engelbrecht-Wiggans, R. PhD, Cornell
  • Farrell, A. PhD, Michigan State
  • Finnerty, J.E. PhD, Michigan
  • Gardner, D.M. PhD, Minnesota
  • Gebauer, J. PhD, Freiburg (Germany)
  • Ghosh, A. PhD, Iowa
  • Gong, J. PhD, Southern California
  • Griffin, A. PhD, MIT
  • Hoetker, G. PhD, Michigan
  • Husby, R.D. PhD, Cornell
  • Ikenberry, D. PhD, Illinois
  • Ivkovich, Z. PhD, Yale
  • Jackson, K. PhD, Texas at Austin
  • Johnson, T. PhD, Chicago
  • Kahn, C.M. PhD, Harvard
  • Kindt, J.W. SJD, Virginia
  • Kleinmuntz, D.N. PhD, Chicago
  • Koga, K. DBA, Harvard
  • Kraatz, M. PhD, Northwestern
  • Krische, S. PhD, Cornell
  • Lakonishok, J. PhD, Cornell
  • Lansing, P. JD, Illinois
  • Leblebici, H. PhD, Illinois
  • Li, L., Tulane
  • Li, S. PhD, Columbia
  • Lins, D. PhD, Illinois
  • Luo, X. PhD, Stanford
  • Lynge, M.J. PhD, Michigan
  • Mahoney, J.T. PhD, Pennsylvania
  • Mallik, S. PhD, Pennsylvania
  • McDonald, W.F. JD, Illinois
  • Michael, S. PhD, Harvard
  • Molloy, K.H. PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • Monahan, G.E. PhD, Northwestern
  • Narayanamoorthy, Gans PhD, Rochester
  • Nguyen, L. PhD, Minnesota
  • Northcraft, G.B. PhD, Stanford
  • Oldham, G.R. PhD, Yale
  • Otnes, C. PhD, Tennessee
  • Park, H.Y. PhD, Ohio State
  • Pearson, N.D. PhD, MIT
  • Peecher, M. PhD, Illinois
  • Pennacchi, G.G. PhD, MIT
  • Petruzzi, N. PhD, Purdue
  • Pike, J. PhD, Wisconsin–Madison
  • Pollet, J. PhD, Harvard
  • Poteshman, A.M. PhD, Chicago
  • Pratt, M. PhD, Michigan
  • Qualls, W.J. PhD, Indiana
  • Ritz, Z. PhD, Northwestern
  • Roszkowski, M.E. JD, Illinois
  • Schwartz, R. PhD, Northwestern
  • Seth, A. PhD, Michigan
  • Shaw, M.J. PhD, Purdue
  • Shavitt, S. PhD, Ohio State
  • Shin, J., Wisconsin
  • Silhan, P.A. DBA, Tennessee
  • Smith, S. PhD, Cornell
  • Solomon, I. PhD, Texas at Austin
  • Sougiannis, T. PhD, California–Berkeley
  • Subramanyam, R. PhD, Michigan
  • Sullivan, U. PhD, Northwestern
  • Venugopalan, Raghu PhD, Minnesota
  • Viswanathan, M. PhD, Minnesota
  • Wang, Z.J. PhD, Michigan
  • Weisbach, M. PhD, MIT
  • Weisbenner, S. PhD, MIT
  • White, B.J. PhD, Michigan
  • White, J. PhD, Harvard
  • White, T. PhD, Duke
  • Whitford, D.T. PhD, Georgia State
  • Wu, M. PhD, British Columbia
  • Xia, M. PhD, Texas at Austin
  • Xie, H. PhD, Iowa
  • Yang, R. PhD, UCLA
  • Yuan, H. PhD, Michigan
  • Zhao, R. PhD, Chicago
  • Zhou, F., Cornell

 Program Facts   study in america

Length of Program:
Year Program Founded:
Program Entry:
Study Options:

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Request further information directly from University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, including Financial Aid, Housing Options and Campus Visits.
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